Was Jesus Like Klaus Kinski?

Robin watched a 1971 performance by Klaus Kinski, who performed his monologue Jesus Christus Erlöser at the Deutschlandhalle in Berlin.

Here are a few quotes:

An audience member remarked that Jesus was meek. Kinski’s response: “Jesus didn’t just say shut your mouth! He took a whip and cracked him in the face! That’s what he did. You stupid pig!”

“This is just like 2000 years ago. This rabble is even shittier than the Pharisees. At least they let Jesus finish before they nailed him.”

Robin’s thoughts:
“Kinski simply had a huge charisma deficit. The gods put a thick line through his life’s reckoning: grandiose but, alas, no charisma. The real Jesus probably had it, otherwise he would have come across just like Klaus Kinski.

And here are a few highlights in the original:

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