The Tenant (1976) By Polanski – Review!

The Tenant

Robin saw the French psychological horror film The Tenant from 1976 by Roman Polanski (showing him in the lead role) about a Polish-French man moving into a flat in Paris. His predecessor committed suicide. It is a true hell house and the neighbors drive the hero insane.

The film is Kafkaesque and shows many metaphors i.e. for xenophobia and group pressure.  Bruce Campbell, best known for playing Ashley in the Evil Dead franchise, says The Tenant was the scariest film he had ever seen.

Robin believes that the hero’s drive into insanity could be more understandable in detail, for example why he starts cross-dressing. However, an interesting film.The hero does nothing wrong but is immediately made an outsider since he is not completely French and has a Polish accent, or refuses signing a group complaint against another tenant since he was never disturbed by that person. (“That’s your idea of solidarity? If you ever need help, don’t come to us!”)

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