The Legend Of Caius Wintermasus, Part 2.2.

Place: the secret hiding place of the Germanic tribes near the Teuteburg Forest.
Persons: Greta von Großkopf, Caius Wintermasus, Gundelburger, Teuton.

Narrator: At the same time in the secret hiding place of the Teutons

Teuton: Mistress! I have a new candidate!
Greta: Then maybe I’ll finally get my second disgusting assistant…
Teuton : You can train him to be a lapdog.
Greta: Just a moment. (Kicks Wintermasus in the balls, he screams.) I’m sure he barks well, too. (Does the same with Gundelburger.) This one too.
Teuton : Are you going to sacrifice them after the ambush in Teuteburg Forest?
Greta: No, otherwise I would have to look for new ones. As soon as they will have understood that they are no longer allowed to talk, but only to bark, they will be perfect.
Teuton : The ugly one has escaped!
Greta: They are both ugly…
Teuton : I mean the one who is also short and fat….
Greta: That’s right! What now?

To be continued…

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