The Intruder (2019)

The Intruder is a thriller from 2019 with Dennis Quaid as the antagonist.

A newly married couple from the big city move into a newly purchased estate in the countryside. Unfortunately, the previous owner Charles Peck is a psychopath and continues to hang around as if the property he sold is still his.

Robin’s Thoughts:
Robin almost stopped the film when Charles lambastes the new owners, but it was all daydreams and he’s actually peacefully celebrating Thanksgiving with them. “With a sledgehammer! The antithesis to “subtle””
But the film becomes so exciting that Robin watched it to the end.
On IMDB, the film got only 5.6 out of 10 points, which seems underrated to Robin. “I would have given it just under a point more!”

Not a masterpiece, but sufficiently thrilling and entertaining.

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