The Harlot Wearing Scarlet – Another Fragment! 3rd!

Desperately Marlin tried to fight her way out of the garbage dump. But hardly she wanted to reach for the saving edge, she sank again in a sea of garbage. Then she saw an outstretched hand! Instinctively she reached for it. Someone pulled her out!
Finally she was next to the garbage dump. But what was that? It was Huri-san’s hand!
“Konnichi wa, Marlin-suck!” he grinned. “Get down!” He pulled out his erect penis.
“But Huri-san,” Marlin stammered, “is your member clean?”
“You are full of garbage and filth, and you ask me if my penis is clean? In the butt!”
Marlin cried out as Huri-san invaded her.


The door closed behind her. She couldn’t turn back. But she had to be clear. Had Robin really left her? She had to know, clear up any doubts.

It came softly from her lips:


She had to swallow.

“There you are, Marlin-suck!” Huri-san yelled.

She felt his fat abdomen was larger in girth than her own body-size.

“It doesn’t surprise me at all that your ungracious lover has left you! You’re just not submissive enough and don’t know how to behave towards men,” Huri San continued.

“Huri-san… is it true that Robin sold me to you? “For an apple and two eggs?”

“For one egg, not two!

“But his suicide note said something about two eggs.

“Really?” Huri-san hesitated, then he found an explanation:

“I’m sure he just wanted to write something about one egg, but then he misspelled it because he jerked off while writing it!”

“Ah, I see…!” Marlin confirmed.
Suddenly Marlin heard a voice coming from Huri-San’s abdomen.
“Huri-San! Your abdomen talks to you?”
“This is your little goblin Ingo! You sewed him into my butt hole!
Huri-san lifted up his kimono and held marlin up his butt. The butt hole was sewn shut!
“But… Huri-san… how will you go to the bathroom… when you grow up?
“I had an artificial anus made! Look!”
Huri-san bared his member. It was much longer and thicker than before.
“This is much longer and fatter than before!” cried Marlin.
“This is much longer and thicker than before,” explained Huri-san, “because that’s where my colon ends now. With the lock on the tip of my penis, I can now not only pee and cum, but also poop! The word ‘anal sex’ gets a completely new meaning! That reminds me – you need to be noodled again!”
Threateningly, he approached her. She looked around feverishly. There was a grate on the wall and behind it an air shaft! Quickly she ran there, tore away the grating and climbed into the air shaft. Huri-san shouted, “Stop!” But since he was too fat, he couldn’t get in.

Marlin crawled for her life. The shaft was pretty dusty and dirty. She got dirty in no time.
Since they light at the end of the shaft! Quickly she crawled into the direction and into the open – there stood Huri-San in front of her!

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