The Great Gatsby

Robin took a psycho test “Which classic novel narrates your life?”, and out came “The Great Gatsby” by John Fitzgerald. Reason enough for Robin to check out the film adaptation starring Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role!

It’s the roaring twenties in New York. A friend of Gatsby’s tells his story.
Despite some severe setbacks, the mysterious Gatsby does not give up and eventually becomes rich.
Unfortunately, he wants to elope with his childhood sweetheart Daisy. He had disappeared from the screen for 5 years and Daisy had married in the meantime. Things come to a head and end tragically.

Robin’s thoughts:
“Daisy is a real tramp, and her hubby is as dumb as she is! At Gatsby’s funeral, she doesn’t even send a flower. His death makes no sense at all, and it’s really Daisy’s fault. Well, love is blind. Worshipping someone who doesn’t even deserve this honor is something that many people have done, which is why the novel became a bestseller.
DiCaprio does a great job.”

Definitely worth seeing.

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