The Bitch of the Baskervilles – A Psychological Thriller

A muse kissed Robin and inspired him to the following idea:

The Bitch of the Baskervilles

A Psychological Thriller by Robin B. Czar


The Crime:

Sir Baskerville disappears on a morning run.

The Suspects and Their Motivation:

·         Lady Baskerville, the Wife.

Nobody has ever seen her. She is tied to her bed, locked up in her room and a prisoner of Sir Baskerville

·         Lord Summer, the Neighbor.

He is a charming sociopath, has a narcissistic personality disorder and plays his power games just for fun.

·         Sarah, the cleaner.

She hates Sir Baskerville since he humilates her frequently.

·         Bruce, the gardener.

He is a leftist and hates aristocrats.

·         Kevin, the cook.

He is gay and got refused by Sir.

The Detective’s Motivation:

He has a lot of pressure since his married boss has a crush on him and is as mean to him as possible.

His colleague hates him since the detective had a fling with his teenage daughter and his wife.

The Crime Scene:

The Gardener says the victim left his house in a jolly good mood and came back home in terror.

The Cook says that Sir Baskerville left his house in terror and came back in a good mood.

The Cleaner says that Sir Baskerville didn’t leave his house at all.

Lord Summer says he doesn’t know anything.

The Solution:

Sir Baskerville and his wife are one and the same person since Sir has a multiple personality disorder.

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