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Eddie Van Halen Is Dead!

Eddie van Halen is dead.

He was described by Gary Moore as someone who had developed guitar playing 10 years ahead of his time and should be mentioned in the same breath as Jimi Hendrix, because Jimi had done the same …

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The Cursed 7-string

Robin bought a reduced Dean RC7x for 999.- and is sure that it is cursed.
The frets came off and the tremolo lock at the saddle frequently cut the 1st string in two.
The machining was unacceptable.
“Thank God I didn’t buy one …

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Verdict on ZOOM G1Xon

Robin got the chance to get a new ZOOM G1Xon for a dumping price and is quite satisfied.

“The effects sound very good,” he beams, “it is a good tool for practising at home. Though it might be a little challenging …

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