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Matrix (1999)


Robin finally had a chance to watch the 1999 movie Matrix with Kaenu Reeves.


Robin’s thoughts:
He didn’t think the plot was special. For example, the hero is transported via virtual reality to an artificial world where he dies in a hail …

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person in black shirt with a black telecaster guitar

Are You Feeling Zombified?

“If I was dead I would be more gothic…” some goths might think.

Robin believes that becoming an undead would be a cool compromise. “Though I don’t know exactly how to become one – the direction seems to be okay.” For …

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Review for Once Upon a Scary Night!! 8.8/10!!

Robin got a positive review for his EP Once Upon a Scary Night by journalist Robert Faulkner:

Robin B. Czar is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who is German but currently resides in Canterbury, England. He has developed a cult fan …

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