Sexual Predetors

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Robin had the opportunity to think about some famous molesters.

Kevin Spacey

Artistic merit: He is a gifted and award-winning actor
Misdemeanor: He has sexually harassed a considerable number of male teenagers.
Consequence: Netflix has removed all films with him. His part in “House of Cards” was cut out and reshot with Christopher Plummer.

Gary Glitter

Artistic merit: He is an excellent songwriter and a good performer.
Misdemeanor: He is a pedophile and has sexually molested children and teenagers under the age of consent. He also had over 4000 files with child pornography on his laptop.
Consequence: Since 2015 he spends the rest of his days in prison.

Harvey Weinstein

Artistic merit: none.
Misdemeanor: He raped two ladies.
Consequence: Since 2018 he is incarcerated for 21 years.

Robin feels that those convicted should be punished, but that the artistic achievements still deserve recognition. We agree with him.

  • September 6th 2020

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