Serial Killers – Nature Or Nurture?

Are serial killers inherently evil or have they been made what they are by society?

There are different kinds of serial killes.

1.1 Lust

They get a kick and sexual gratification out of their murders. They nomaly use weapons that need a short distance to the victims, like knives.


Killing the victims is done for the sake of an adrnaline rush. Sexuality normaly doesn’t play a role.

2. Power and Control

Those serial killers had a miserable childhood, were abused and stuff. And thus feels now very powerless.

3. Visionary

God or the Devil have given the serial killer a mandate.

4. Mission-orientated

The world needs to be cleaned from certain people, like homosexuals, sex-workers, specific races etc.

5. AttentionSeeker

Mum and dad didn’t pay enough attetntion when the latter serial-killer was very young.

6. Comfort

Most of these serial killers are female, the victims are mostly relatives or good aquiantances. In most cases ppoison is used. The serial killers want to improve their life styles.


Robin thinks the best lesson for the rest of the world would be: punish first, investigate later.

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