Secret Confessions and Magic Cucumbers!

To raise more awareness to a very serious matter, Robin works on a story with the title “The Secret Confessions Of ANA L.”

The story is about a fictious oncologist named Dr Anna Lindenmund who is a specialist in treating colon cancer on young women. Since it is better to have one’s colon examined rather too often than too seldom, she recommends to have two exams a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.
While doing research on whether a long penis can also be used as an examination tool,
she falls in love with another fictious character called R. whose penis has miraculous colon cancer treating properties.

Moreover, he plans to release a collection of short stories (he wrote or co-wrote) under the title “Magic Cucumber. And Other Bizarre Tales.”. “I’m confident that the readers will weep because they’ll find it so moving, emotional, and sensitive” Robin lets us know.

We hold our breath and wait for these literal outbursts.

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