3 Horror Films From the 80s That Are Worth Checking out!

And here are Robin’s three favorite horror movies from the 80s!

The Shining 1980)
An art film by Stanley Kubrik with ingenious camera work, chic soundtrack and outstanding actors One of Robin’s favorite scenes is the one with the tricycle and the two creepy twins, but the whole film rocks!

The Fog (1981)
A romantic horror story by John Carpenter about revenge. One of Robin’s favourite scenes is how a fisherman on a fishing boat stumbles over the big sailing ship in horror, and the guy approaching him from behind is not a colleague at all, but one of the undead sailors. The film has laid the groundwork for Robin’s later love for stage fog.

Re-Animator (1985)
Jeffrey Combs as Dr. Herbert West with his portrayal has created one of the best mad scientists of all time. A mixture of zombie film and Frankenstein makes the film a milestone in horror cinema.

Do you agree with Robin’s list?

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