Robin moving back to Folkestone

Robin left his crying fans in Brighton and moved back to Folkestone. “Without Robin my life is negative and mainstream-like again”, a 20-something girl sobbed. “With Robin everything was much more bizarre and positive”, another one cried. “I am only 17 but I claimed to be 20 so Robin wouldn’t think I am too young for him!”

“My fans in Folkestone need me more than ever”, Robin is said to have said.
In Brighton, off-license stores and bartenders have reported a sudden increase in alcohol consumption.
However, there is still reason to hope: “I will be back. And I will never let my fans down”, Robin is said to have said. “At the end of the day age is just a number. If a teenage-girl is mature enough for me, like, a mature woman trapped in a young girl’s body, I will consider her also.”

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