Review – The Chaser (2008)

Robin saw the action-thriller The Chaser (2008) from South Korea by a Hong-jin that’s based on the real serial killer Yoo Young-chul.

It is about a middle-aged ex-policeman (Kim Yoon-seok) who has become a pimp and his employee (Seo Young-hee) , a prostitute and mother, chosen to be the next victim of the psychopathic villain (Ha Jung-wo.).

The child-actress Kim Yoo-jung of the daughter of the prostitute is very good and plays some of the most moving scenes of the film in the car from the outside as the nocturnal rain is falling down.

The film is exciting, excellently directed and very well performed.

“I’ve always liked Korean quisine and the musical instruments produced there, and this is one of the best Korean films I have seen so far!”. Robin cheers.


A big hail to the possible future cultural center of the universe!

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