Reverend Hound, Scullwinx, Sign of the JAckal, Space Chaser, and Scanner – live at METALEROS Vol. 1 Festival in Unterschleißheim near munich!

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Robin went on Saturday, 26.10.2019 to the Metaleros-Vol. 1 Festival at Gleis 1 in Unterschleißheim, near Munich, Bavaria.


The first band were Reverend Hound. Finally Robin had the opportunity to hear this band with a decent sound (unlike at the Schalldruck Festival at Feierwerk, almost a year ago).
Robin stylistically oriented the band to the early Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Helloween. Both guitarists played leads and from time to time there were two-part guitar runs and vocals. If you like this kind of music, try this band out.


Then came Scullwingx, who called their music Epic Speed. Apart from some interesting guitar intros sthey were, however, quite prosaic


Then came the band Robin liked best that night: Sign of the Jackal from Italy.
Very catchy choruses, good songwriting, great communication with the audience through singer Laura Coller, and uncompromising heavy metal of the old schol. \m/


Next on the list were Space Chaser, who probably would have made a good headiner. Heavy, brutel, tight and impeccable in entertainment value.


The actual headliner Scanner was musically like Soulwinx. The last 2 – 3 songs were quite outstanding, though. However, Robin went outside and was happy that he was still known from Nightfall times.


All in all a nice evening. If the Eorsmetal Festival takes place again, have a look!

  • October 27th 2019

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