Psychopathy For Idiots

People with psychopathy make up only about 0.5% of the population. For people who do not belong to them and are therefore not natural talents, Robin’s guide might therefore be helpful.


Passive-aggressive behaviour is preferable to active, otherwise your victim will be too quick finding out who you really are.

What is important is a clear commitment to actionism and the complete rejection of long-term or even short-term goals.

Actually you are the victim. Your victims, on the other hand, are to blame themselves.

Self-doubts and regrets are to be put down in favour of a confession to your own grandiosity.

In the beginning you simply imitate people with compassion.

You must also tell your victim what he or she has always wanted to hear. Otherwise it will not identify with you. It’s about manipulation and complete power over the victim. It is best to make it jealous by fooling around with another person. This is especially important to delay the realization that you have mental issues (and will never change) as much as possible. If your victim seeks professional support you’re fucked.

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