Pripyat – the Ballad Of the Zombie Girl

Robin has written the lyrics to his upcoming song:

PrIpyat – the Ballad Of the Zombie Girl


She was a lovely girl

She was in her prime.

But then disaster happened

Once upon a time.

Her town, it was evacuated

Her boyfriend one of those

When there was that accident

In that powerhouse.

Since then all is polluted.

Fallout’s in the air.

That town is now abandoned.

Death is everywhere.


She is on her own.

Walks the street alone.

All houses are decayed.

You hear the winds that moan.

Walks past that ferris wheel

That never was in use.

A chill is all you feel.

By day she’s a recluse.

But when the night just falls

And darkness is around.

She can hear their calls

They are the only sound.

The undead rule the land.

She is one of them

One takes her by the hand.

He is her new friend.

The undead rule the land.

All life has long gone.

He holds her in his arms.

Then they walk on and on.


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