New Ideas for “Dawn of the Damsel”!

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Robin has another idea for his post-apocalyptic story Dawn of the Damsel.

(What happened so far:

Except the hero the whole world population has either died by some pandemic or mutated to evil cannibals. He finds a pretty girl but she gets abducted by an infantile dork.

The hero tries to save her and believes she is a damsel-in-distress. Little does he know that she really is a cannibal herself.)

The supposed damsel in distress is actually a masochistic bitch and really enjoys what the infantile dork does to her – so the hero stops them from living out their wildest dreams and darkest desires. The dork shouts at the hero “Bite me!”

The damsel thinks that she is meant and eats the dork alive. Afterwards she eats herself.

“The story is getting better and better!”, Robin is said to have said.

  • April 5th 2020

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