Mount Everst – Story is Evolving…

It’s a bit like the Flying Dutchman! He also has to marry someone so that he can be redeemed.

This is then the scrambling Carinthian or “Koaps Brait” as they call her in the Alps.

First the Kiarchn Gustl tries to introduce the soul of the beautiful light figure into a sheep. The so possessed sheep is then to be led from the mountain and milked in the village church.
Here comes Frivole Franzl, who is banned from the church because of his lewd jokes.
Schorschi Schlauberger has an idea: Since Gustl is not allowed to marry because of his celibacy, Franzl should marry the sheep at full moon and use the wedding night to consummate the marriage.

Someone swaps the sheep with another sheep, so that Franzl marries the wrong sheep and nothing happens despite the joyful consummation of the marriage.

The real sheep manages to escape and runs back up the mountain, where it meets the bizarre mountain musician without a name. As soon as the first bizarre songs are heard, the sheep can temporarily transform into a human being, as if by magic.
The music has something aphrodisiac about it – Koaps Brait, who is now in a beautiful human body, wants to marry the bizarre mountain musician as soon as the moon is full and the magic lasts.

….. to be continued …

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