Mirror, Mirror

Robin saw the fairy tale movie Mirror, Mirror from 2011, directed by Tarsem Singh, based on the German folk tale “Snow White”, with Lily Collins, Arnie Hammer, and Julia Roberts as the wicked stepmother, and tells us what he liked and didn’t like about it.

“Julia Roberts as the narcissistic evil stepmother is outstanding.
Furthermore, a classic story is told in a completely new way, for example, the 7 dwarfs are highwaymen, some of whom raid on extendable stilts to appear taller, or the face in the magic mirror is the alter ego of the evil stepmother.

Unfortunately, the dwarves are not very individual, In rudiments it is tried, but compared to the masterpiece of Walt Disney from the 30s it is not worth mentioning.

But all in all, a very original and entertaining film for the whole family.
Since this was certainly not the last film adaptation of Snow White, one can be curious about the future ones.”

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