Metal Madness – Van Dalen and Avator live!

Robin went to the live club 8 Below in Munich to enjoy two local bands.

First were Van Dalen who Robin had seen earlier already. They have a new vocalist who even more sounds like David Lee Roth. Like last time the musicians were quite competent (even the flageolett-taping of Top Jimmy was okay this time!) but the new frontman should connect to the audience more. Anyway, the audience liked it and got an encore.

Next up were metal band AVATOR that played original songs exclusively. The bass player did some good stage acting and the guitar sounds were quite easy to distinguish. The band avoided unforseeable musical experiments and self-re-inventions per song which would have made the whole set quite uncanny and only  destroyed the cosiness of the performance anyway. The audience appreciated that and was rewarded with two encores.

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