Live in Frankfurt: Coven and Demon Head!

Robin was at the Live Club Nachtleben in Frankfurt am Main on 06.08.2019 to see the bands Coven and Deamon’s Head. The venue was full.

First were Deamon Head, who reminded Robin of the band Demon from the early 80s. They played many two-voiced guitar solos and stuff. Unfortunately the lighting was bad, because the light lit up the musicians from behind, so that you could only see their outlines.
Musically the band was very well-rehearsed and tight, so that we can count on hits if the band should use catchy hooklines.

Then came Coven who sounded like Black Sabbath in the days of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Again the light was bad – this time it also came from the front, but the stage fog made the view a bit difficult.
Musically very diversified, they were even better than the supporting band.

All in all it was an entertaining evening. \m/

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