Joker (2019) – Review!

Robin saw the 2019 drama Joker by Todd Phillips, starring Robert de Niro in a supporting role and Joaquin Phoenix in the title role.

It’s about the supervillain Joker from the Batman universe and how he became who he ends up being.An impoverished and mentally unstable man named Arthur Fleck, with bouts of illness-induced laughter and an unhappy childhood, who wants to be a stand-up comedian and who is unknowingly an illegitimate son of Batman’s father.

Robin’s Thoughts:
Arthur Fleck is a battered misfit, homicidal but essentially a tragic figure.
The characters are brilliantly acted.
Incidentally, Robin knows a singer who reminds him a bit of the Joker – except that he doesn’t have an uncontrollable laughing fit, but instead stutters and has a nervous eye twitch. “Maybe one day he’ll be a supervillan, too.”

Worth seeing!

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