Idea for the bizarre remake of a found-footage horror movie from the 80s!

Robin has a bizarre idea for the remake of the film Cannibal Holocaust! Inspired by movies like The Wickerman or Midsommar here’s the new name: Hippie Holcaust!

In the original, a team of researchers goes into a jungle to study cannibals. Unfortunately, they behave like psychopaths so the poor cannibals end up killing the team in self-defense. The hero goes home after watching the footage smoking a pipe and wondering, “Who are the real cannibals here?”

The whole lot would have to be hippies, and in the end the hero wonders, “Who are the real hippies here, anyway?”

Robin is thrilled with his idea:
“This is torally romantic! Back to nature with all noble savages – Jean-Jacques Roussaeu would be thrilled!”

We think so too and wish Robin every success.

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