Idea For a Storyline: the Cannibal and the Paedophile!

Robin worked on and has an idea: maybe he can somehow connect the cannibal and the paedophile?

The cannibal lives in the forest Aokigahara and feeds on suicides.
Then by chance the paedo comes along, but does not commit suicide and the cannibal thinks that is stupid.
During a conversation between the two, the cannibal puts the paedo through his paces and realizes that the paedo has a good heart.

The paedo says he is not committing suicide, he is lost and wants to go to the copulation forest Fuckigahara. There the cannibal goes along and sees a lonely Japanese woman lying exhausted on the forest floor. The cannibal wants her as a starter, but notices that she is still alive.

When the paedo approaches her, the Japanese woman (who doesn’t want the paedo to make love lo her and fights him) slashes the paedo with a Japanese sword and brings him together with the cannibal to her hiding place. The Pedo is still a little bit alive, and when the Japanese woman looks away, the cannibal takes him in the butt and pushes a pen through his nose into his brain.
The cannibal suggests eating the corpse so that nobody will find it. The Japanese woman then makes sushi out of him and both have a candlelight dinner.

Satisfied, the cannibal falls asleep after this successful day, dreaming of wandering through the forest in a virus costume and carrying people there.

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