History: how the British Empire abolished itself

It was 1914. the last war was about 70 years ago and more and more people were becoming decadent.
The British Empire declared war on Germany over some rivalries regarding the fleet. The own people were lied to and promised social walfare to keep them fichting further.

World War I was over and nothing was done about it. The people began to grumble and were to be distracted from domestic politics by another war.
The Battle of Dunkirk occurred and the British Empire should have pulled out of the war – but that’s when the U.S. came along and extended credit. Germany was incinerated by “strategig bombing”., which was not decisive for the war but expensive..

After the war, the USA wanted their money back. The British Empire was so broke that it had to decolonize and the African colonies, India and China were released into independence. This had devastating consequences for English exports, because the colonies had their own products forced on them, and after they were independent they simply bought from the competition. The British Empire was over. What the USA is today was the Empire before.

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