“Hippie Holocaust”?

Robin had a think about what he calls “Hippie Horror”, like The Wicker Man or Midsommar.
“Once you have seen The Wicker Man you know the route. Most other films on that topic are predictable.”

Inspired by the cannibal flic Cannibal Holocaust he believes that there should be a horror movie named “Hippie Holocaust“.
Cannibal Holocaust is a found footage film. A group of likeable scientists explore the Amazon and are murdered by cannibals. The punch line is: the scientists are the bad guys and the cannibals the victims who just act in self-defense. At the end the protagonist thinks “Who are actually the true cannibals…”

Robin believes that there should be a found footage hippie horror film where the scientists are the bad guy that get sacrificed in the end. The protagonist has to say: “Who are actually the true hippies…”

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