Grausame Töchter, Mechanical Moth, Beton Braut, 22.06.2019 Backstage Halle, Munich

Robin went to the Backstage music club in Munich to see some bizarre EBM and dark wave bands.

First were the duo Beton Braut, consisting of Henrike Wolke (vocals) who already performed as part of Grausame Töchter in the past and was doing her solo tour now, and Lars Golenia (instruments). They played some pretty gory videos on the screen in the background. The last song Henrike performed topless which was quite nice to look at. All in all solid entertainment!

Actually Twins In Fear were supposed to play next but unless it was a VERY short gig (Robin briefly left the venue after Beton Braut for having a chat and stuff but when he came back Mechanical Moth had already taken the stage) it was obviously skipped.

Mechanical Moth ended their gig with a cover version of Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics which wasn’t too different from that legendary version by Marilyn Manson; however, it it was quite a descent live song.

Then came the headiner Grausame Töchter. Lots of topless stage acting, an actress that was stalk naked and a female spectator who was brought to stage to walk hand in hand with vocalist Aranea Peel who sang a song about homosexuality made the gig perfectly bizarre entertainment. They also played quite unique cover versions of the NDW hits Der goldene Reiter by Joachim Witt and Rosemarie by Hubert Kah. Thumbs up!

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