Fracture (2007)

Robin saw the courtroom thriller Fracture from 2007, with Anthony Hopkins, as the defendant and antagonist Crawford, and Ryan Gosling as Beecham, the state prosecutor and protagonist.

Crawford’s wife has an affair with another man, and Crawford takes revenge – and shoots her.
Apparently he has committed the perfect crime, because no one can prove anything. His wife survived the assassination attempt, but is in a coma.

Robin’s thoughts:
Hopkins plays his part as Crawford like Hannibal Lecter – its a pity that Gosling as Beecham is male and not a young woman. The film is not as good as Silence of the Lambs but much better than Hannibal and very suspenseful.
Hopkins has become rather fat and is also very old – but he still plays outstandingly well.

Robin’s verdict:
Worth seeing!

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