Female Sexual Fantasies And Evolution?

Robin came across Evolutionary Psychology and sexual phantasies most women have (according to https://www.oprahdaily.com/life/relationships-love/a28697121/sexual-fantasies/).

  1. being dominated
  2. having a threesome
  3. getting it on with someone from the same sex
  4. enjoying a romp in public
  5. having sex with total strangers
  6. or, doing it with someone you know that’s not your spouse
  7. mixing pain with pleasure
  8. making love in a romantic location
  9. getting paid for sex

Robin is pretty sure that evolution and selection play a big role here:
A certain behavior is more likely to produce offspring than another.
Especially 1., 2.,5 and 9. are probably innate, because that was especially successful for the preservation of the species.

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