Django & Django (2122)

Robin saw the documentary Django Django (2022) by Luca Rea, in which Quentin Tarantino, among others, talks about the Spagetthi westerns of Sergio Corbucci.

This is what distinguishes Spagetthi westerns from those of Hollywood:

  • “good” and “evil” are not as strictly separated from each other as in the US;
  • More surreal than US westerns;
  • More brutal than US westerns.

That’s what Tarantino thinks:

The antagonist is the most important role in the story, because he would drive the story. The protagonist does everything only because of the antagonist.

The stereotypical archetypes would be:

  • The avenger
  • The bounty hunter

Tarantino thinks US westerns are better than those from Italy.

Robin considers the motives of the antagonist, as he feels inspired by Tarantino`s remarks.

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