New Lyrics: Detective Arbogast

For some time Robin has been writing a rock opera, he is trying to score the Hitchcock film Psycho, based on a short story by Robert Bloch. Currently Robin is writing a piece about the private detective Arbogast. Here is the text…


There ain’t no secret he won’t find out.
There’s nothing you could do about.
Your darkest thoughts you hid away
He’ll make them face the light of day.

They call him Arbogast (Detective)
His name is Arbogast (Detective)

You thought you’re safe without a doubt
What’s locked away he will find out.
He’s the hunter, you’re the prey.
He’ll make you bleed. He’ll make you pay.

They call him Arbogast .
Detective Arbogast.
His name is Arbogast.
Detective Arbogast.


And here is the scene from the movie,, where Arbogast meets Norman’s mother:

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