Bridge Of Spies – Review!

Robin saw the movie Bridge Of Spies by Steven Spielberg with Tom Hanks from the year 2015.


It’s about a prisoner exchange: the Russian spy Rudolf Abel is represented in court by the lawyer James B. Donovan (Tom Hanks) and is then to be exchanged for the American spy Gary Powell, who was shot down over the Soviet Union. To make matters worse, a young Dorktorand, Frederic Pryor, from the USA gets caught in the wheels of the communists in East Berlin at the time of the Wall’s construction and must also be exchanged.
This is all based on a true incident.

Robin’s Thoughts:

Not so good was the conflict Donovan has because everyone is afraid of nuclear war and therefore hates him because of his defense of the other side.
Very good, on the other hand, is the building of the Berlin Wall – it must have really been like that, or something like that.
And Tom Hanks plays outstanding!

Robin’s Verdict:

Worth seeing!

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