Brexit – What Now?

Robin can remember the long lines in airports at passport controls for passengers coming from non-EU countries and the short ones for EU countries. As soon as the pandemic is over English people will have to wait as long as others coming from non-EU countries.

Brexit has already cost the UK more than EU membership.Robin suspects that Brexit will play a role in the upcoming general election. Either as Labour campaign on re-entry into the EU, or with the prospect of a second referendum. The political career of right-wing populist Nigel Farage is probabably over.


Labour are no good either. The British will stay out.
It’s painful for the British economy, but as you can see with the Corona reaction: Britons are even willing to be infected with a little-researched, difficult-to-treat multi-organ virus that potentially remains in the body for the long term, and to go years without hospital treatment just so they don’t have to wear a mask in the supermarket.

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