Aokigahara – Upcoming Lyrics About the Japanese Suicide Forest…

Robin has an idea: a text about the Japanese suicide forest, Aokigahara!
“Well, it is about a hero who is looking for his partner – when she was last seen she was on her way to the suicide forest.”
The following came to his mind:

  1. “He was wrong in the forest and accidentally ended up in the copulation forest Fuckigahara, where lonely Japanese women go to get laid. There he falls in love with one and does what needs to be done; then his partner comes back and jealously kills the two.
  2. He finds the supposed corpse of his partner and kills himself, but she had only been practicing and had fallen asleep. When she wakes up and sees her dead guy, she really kills herself.
  3. A virus breaks out in the woods and takes them both away.”

To be continued…

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