Another Meeting With Robin!

What are your latest news?

I tried to set Damsel in Distress to music. I had a go with post rock, how the kind of music I was composing in the 90s is called nowadays. Maybe I try to be innovative and create a new kind of music, like post-Bob Marley. Rather than “I shot the sheriff. / But I did not shoot the deputy” I could try “I cut the penis, / But I did not cut the testicles”. That would be bizarre and positive. Positive because he did not cut the testicles.

But what does it have to do with a damsel in distress?

True, nothing. So maybe I try something else.

What else?

I also have a go with Belly Dancing. I wrote a piece that sounds quite cool.

Are you going to dance yourself?

No, I’m not going to dance myself.

Do you still plan to become a writer?

I am still collecting my short stories and reworking them. I will definitely publish them.

To be continued…

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