Analysis: the video to “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers!

Robin had another look at the video to Mr. Brightside by The Killers.

The girl with the white wig is a prostitute who works in the brothel where the hero and his band are gigging. The middle-aged man throwing apples is her boss. When he throws an apple at her she has to flirt with one of the customers. When she and the other prostitutes go to the stage or dancefloor in the middle of the room lifting their skirts, showing their backs etc. this means that she and her colleagues are available and the customers can select one of them.

The rest of the time the heroine has fun with the other men working at the brothel (which is why they have golden waistcoats as well, like the gigging hero).

The boss of the heroine is also attracted to her. The hero has no chance and leaves in anger.

(There should be a sequel:

The hero starts working as a gigolo at the brothel, too, because he wants to make the heroine jealous.

Unfortunately all customers are male so his job turns out to be gay-for-pay.

The heroine dumps him because she only wants heterosexual men. So she and her boss become a couple.

The hero undergoes sex change surgery, marries one of the customers and becomes his devoted sex slave.)

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