12/12 Sharlock Faces the Truth…

12/12. Sherlock Faces the Truth…

What happened so far:

Sir Baskerville disappeared on his morning run Sherlock from Scotland Yard is investigating. Nobody must enter the room of Lady Baskerville and nobody has ever seen her. Could she be the key?

Sherlock crept quietly up the stairs until he stopped at the door of Lady Baskerville. She was the only one he hadn’t questioned.

“Miss Baskerville?”
He knocked. But there was no reply. He unlocked the door. There was a body on a double bed.
“Miss Baskerville?”
The body screamed for help in a falsetto. And then it laughed in a deep manly voice.

Sherlock realised and crept away, so as not to disturb the person on the bed.


Sherlock wrote his report, went with his wife to her parents for four weeks and has since made a career at Scotland Yard.

Mr Slickboot has been sentenced to the basement. There he was “trained” by Nadine Gruber – even if his will expired temporarily in the meantime. He escaped and became a lollipop man. He also moved to Lord Summer, who taught him how to have group sex with only one person. Today he is with the secret service and regularly saves the world. His missions are so top secret that even today the world public knows nothing about them.

Lord Winter got off scot-free with the help of his powerful friends and continued his usual life. “Actually I was the victim myself – so why should I change?”

Mrs Gruber divorced her husband, because he fulfilled his wildest dreams with Sharon and got her pregnant.

Omar and Cerlo became gay and are a couple now.

And Sir Baskerville? When his servants are not in the house, he indulges in his multiple personality disorder and is both himself and his wife in love play.
He’s very happy.


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