Who Is the Scariest Vampire?

Coffin, coffin, in the hall… Who is the scariest of them all?

Since the invention of the vampire genre many have played the Undead. But who is the scariest?

Max Schreck played Count Orlock in Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau’s expressionistic masterpiece Nosferatu from 1922. Schreck never played any other role – so the only valid explanation is that he was a real vampire who just played himself.

Interview With the Vampire highlighted the more tragic aspects of being a vampire.

Then there was Let the Right One In which is a little about teenage loneliness.

Count Dracula on Netflix is rather scary than romantic…

But here comes the eeriest of them all, combining vampirism with being an evil genius / mathematician and thus a potential mad scientist:

The count will come for you!

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