What Songs About Animals?

Here are some of Robin’s favorite animal-themed songs!

The Beatles – I Am the Walrus

So much better than any cover version!

Robin B. Czar – Kiss Of Death

A song about Oscar, a cat that lived in a hospital. One hour before a patient died it jumped onto the patient’s bed and started purring and cuddling the patient – which looked as if it would comfort him or her. 25 cases are documented! Robin is sure that Oscar was the angel of death in the guise of a cat.

Whitesnake – Kitten’s Got Claws

OK, it’s actually about a girl – but the intro on the guitar is cool!

U2 – The FlY

Not a song about the transformed scientist in Cronenberg’s body-horror film from 1986 of the same name – but Robin likes it anyway :”I’m thinking about a cover version! The falsetto during the chorus would need to be sung by a girl.”

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