What are Robin’s favorite works by Coelho?

Today’s author: Paolo Coelho!

Robin read three novels by Coelho he found quite okay. Here we go!

Eleven Minutes

The story about a young girl from Brazil who becomes a prostitute in Switzerland, gets to know a kinky artist and falls in love with him. As soon as the covid-19 pandemic is over Robin will check out some harlots, too – maybe some of them also fall in love with artists who are bizarre and positive!


Veronica Decides to Die#

The arguably most successful story by Coelho since also a film adaptation exists.

Robin wanted to watch it with some friends but got persuaded to turn it off after five minutes since they found it too depressing.

The novel, however, is quite suspenseful and worth reading.

The Alchemist

The only story of the three where the protagonist is male, and it was the popular breakthrough for the author.

It is the kind of story The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is, full of deep symbolisms and like a fairy tale for people who are grown up.

Not bad!

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