Walk Of Shame (2014)

Robin saw the comedy Walk of Shame (directed by Steven Brill and starring Elizabeth Banks) from 2014.

It’s about a TV presenter who goes clubbing with friends and picks up a one-night stand, but whose car is unfortunately being towed away at that moment, and that’s where her money is. She meets some brain-dead policemen, drug dealers, ultra-orthodox Jews and many prostitutes who think she is a “freelancer”.

Robin’s Thoughts: Robin found the film sufficiently funny, so he was very surprised by the bad reviews. He found it particularly irritating that the film was allegedly misogynistic.
“You should bring a young woman who is dressed-to-kill together with a lot of hookers at night in a desolate part of town to make sure that everything would be completely different from what was in the film.

Robin’s verdict:
Not a film you have to see, but one you can see.

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