Update of Robin’s Psychological Thriller!

Robin is updating his psychological thriller The Bitch of the Baskervilles: he added a new character, Lucy Luder, and gives Mr Slickwood a more prominent role!

1.) Lucy Luder comes to the police station and while she tells Sherlock what happened (a stranger groped her while she had a pee in the nocturnal bushes), his colleague Slickwood comes by and makes obscene grunting noises.

2.) The boss (Ms Gruber) then gives the Lucy Luder case to Sherlock’s colleague Slickwood, who is upset about it because he would much rather have Sherlock’s case. Lucy Luder would also prefer Sherlock to work on her case, and that only hurts the colleague even more.

3.) During his research on Lucy Luder, colleague Slickwood notices that the case happened near the house of Baskerville.

4.) Sharon (one of the three servants of Sir and Lady Baskerville) goes into the bushes to pee. There someone grabs her between her legs and makes obscene grunting noises. It’s Slickwood doing research!

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