Top 10 sexual phantasies of women – New Story Ahead?

Robin did some research. These are his results:

Top 10 sexual phantasies of women

  1. Having sex with an authority figure (teacher, dean… etc)
  2. Having sex with another woman
  3. Exhibitionism
  4. Getting money for sex
  5. Sex with a stranger
  6. Sex with the best friend of her partner
  7. Taking control
  8. Gang bang
  9. Role play
  10. Being dominated

Maybe Robin writes a story!

Best is that the authority figure is a woman, then 1 and 2 would be covered! 4 and 5 could be easily combined – the woman from 1+2 becomes the heroine’s pimp. And 7 and 10, too! Depends on what 5 wants. That’s 6/10!!

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