“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” by Marcus Nispel (2003)

Robin saw the remake of the movie “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” from 2003, directed by Marcus Nispel. “This movie is totally brutal. It’s a real splatter!”

That Robin likes the movie better than the remake of the zombie movie “Dawn of the Dead” from around the same time is due to the heroine’s (Jessica Biel as Erin) attractiveness.
“That the lady has a perfect figure and wears tight clothes, but doesn’t take them off, is probably the most subtle thing about the whole movie.”

Among other atrocities the leg of a member of the clique (Mike Vogel as Andy) is cut off with a chainsaw while he’s fleeing and then that bloke is hung by his back on a meat hook for a few hours, so he does not ask the incoming heroine Erin to save him, but to euthanize him. “Well, that was a bit excessive! No frustration tolerance!”

But she chops off an arm of Leatherface (the chainsaw killer) and runs over the corrupt policeman several times with his own car. “That’s what they get for that! That will be a lesson to them,” says Robin.


Although the concerns of the protagonists are not always comprehensible, and the characters are a little one-dimensional, the film is at least a real treat for all friends of extreme and gory violence.

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