The Skin I Live in

The Skin I Live In (original title: La piel que habito) is a Spanish drama with thriller elements by director Pedro Almodóvar from 2011. Almodóvar also wrote the script, which is based on the novel Mygale by Thierry Jonquet.

Vera (Elene Anaya), a beautiful woman, is guarded day and night in the beauty clinic by Professor Roberto Ledgard (Antonio Banderas). He is a brilliant plastic surgeon, haunted by tragic events of the past. Ledgard has created a synthetic skin that can withstand any damage. He cares for Vera’s skin like a precious treasure and controls every step she takes. Who is this woman who resembles Ledgard’s late wife so much? With no history, yet closely linked to Ledgard’s life, she is the key to his obsession. And who is the young man who last entered the clinic?

Robin is thrilled. He especially likes the performance of the actors and how the building blocks of the plot finally come together to break up the story.

Robin’s verdict:
Absolutely worth seeing!


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