The Ripper And the Stripper…

Robin has another idea for a story!

A scarf was found at the scene of the last Ripper victim – the DNA traces on it say that the perpetrator (one of the suspects) was a 23 year old barber. Robin suspects that he was the hooker’s last suitor before Jack arrived. In Robin’s version, the main suspect is the inspector, who is a dancer in a gay bar on weekends. The title of the story: The Ripper and the Stripper!

But in the end ithe culprit the barber. He murdered hookers in their mid-40s because one of them was probably his mom, who once castrated him because she caught him jerking off.
The inspector’s name is Sergej but as a dancer he appears with stage names, on stage he is called Ponocchio 🙂

Sergei also had a difficult childhood. His nose looks like the tip of a penis.
He always had to stick it into the butt of his very hairy and bearded mother while she had oral sex with the postman.

Later you find out that the barber also had an affair  with the postman, and he wasn’t castrated by his mom at all, but he himself had accidentally knotted his genitals while jerking off.

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