The Real Root Of All Evil?

The dinosaurs became extinct a little over 60 million years ago because a meteorite struck the earth. The impact site was found and is in the Caribbean in the Gulf of Mexico.
The diameter is over 80 kilometers!

Also near the Gulf of Mexico is the Bermuda Triangle.

Furthermore Corona beer is Mexican.

That can only mean one thing:

Over 60 million years ago, scary gods from the universe landed on Earth in the Gulf of Mexico by a fatal meteorite. Since then, they’ve been hiding underground. The horror story The Midnight Meat Train by Clive Barker is probably just a factual report.

One should make human sacrifices to the gods – but they get what they need anyway via the Bermuda Triangle.
And the Corona pandemic was probably one of them, too.
Can Jesus really protect us…

Oh yeah, and the creepy gods from outer space probably all wear Bermuda shorts. People who do that as well are probably really horror priests.

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