The Platform (2019) – Review

The Plattform (original title El Hoyo, German “Der Schacht”) is a Spanish science fiction thriller by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, set in a vertical prison, in which food for the prisoners is transported on a descending platform, so that the lower prisoners only get what the higher prisoners leave behind.

The position of the prisoners, who are locked in pairs, changes every month, so that everyone is up and down. Down there is cannibalism, because there is nothing left of the food
“I bet it’s symbolic” Robin thinks. “The prison is life, and sometimes you belong to the winners and sometimes to the losers. The lowest floor is number 333, which is certainly an allusion to 666.”

Spoiler Alert!
A little girl accidentally went down the prison. She’s the only one to get free: “She is the hope!” The hero, on the other hand, stays on the lowest floor, because his “journey ends here”.“The whole thing is probably socio-critical and anti-capitalistic, but there is no reference to the information age,” Robin thinks. “The prisoners must be able to exchange information with each other! But the information age has only just begun and is still unpredictable.”

“Somewhat anachronistic, but at least more profound than, for example, Cube.”

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